Hur går en beställning till?

How is an order made?

Do you also feel that it is difficult to find the right art for the home? You want someone who fits in but that not everyone else has?

By ordering a painting from me, you get to choose the size, color scheme and style. You tell us about your ideas and I am happy to help with suggestions and combine your wishes with my creativity.


How does an order go about then?
Here I go through one of my orders and how it can be done. You can also read about it on my page "Order painting".

The customer sent me a picture of their home with requests for a painting that would fit in the living room. I asked the customer to put up marking tape to control the size of the board. In this way, you get a feel for how big a painting will fit.

Rum men beige fotölj, tejp på väggen för att avgöra storlek på kommande tavla från Tove Berglund.      

After we agreed on the size, motif, price and approximate time span, I started painting the painting. During the course of the work, I sent updates in the form of photos and videos in both daylight and evening light so the customer got a feel for the nuances.

I adjusted according to wishes for more texture and stronger markings on some. I like to send pictures early, then I can ensure we are on the same page and that I am on the right track with the painting.

Abstrakt tavla inspirerad av havet och stranden, pågående arbete av konstnär Tove Berglund.      Strandström, abstrakt strand och havsinspirerad canvastavla, 120x120cm, av konstnär Tove Berglund.

When the customer was 100% satisfied and approved the painting, the entire amount was paid to me and I sent the painting insured directly to the door. I am careful to pack them properly so that all paintings arrive intact, so far I have never had any problems.

Abstakt tavla/målning förbereds för frakt hem till köpare, av konstnär Tove Berglund. Beställning enligt kundens önskemål.       Abstrakt canvastavla fraktas säkert av Tove Berglund Art.

The painting arrived intact and here are the customer's own words about the painting: 

"I got in touch with Tove and tried to describe what I wanted... and the result exceeded expectations! I was given updates as the work progressed and had to tinker to get the feel I wanted. So personal, I'm totally in love!" 
- Zelan Hama, Stockholm 

The customer was kind enough to let me use her photos and I love how nice the painting turned out in the home, what do you think?

 Stranddröm, abstrakt canvastavla, 120x120cm i ett vackert vardagsrum men modern inredning.


Do you also want to order a painting?

Contact me or read more on my page "Order painting".

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