common questions and answers

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Common questions and answers


How much does a painting cost?

You will find price information for each painting in the shop. I can keep lower prices in my shop because you buy my art without intermediaries.

For specially ordered paintings, the price varies depending on size, technology and complexity, read more at order painting.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping for paintings up to 50x70 costs about SEK 200. Larger paintings are only sent via home delivery, which costs approx. SEK 600 - SEK 1,000 depending on size and weight. You can also choose home delivery for smaller paintings. The price of paintings is exclusive of shipping in order to offer the delivery that suits you best.

Is frame included?

You will find the information under the specific painting whether frame is included or not. A canvas usually doesn't need a frame, but I'm happy to build one if you want.

If you wish to order a frame, you can contact me at to discuss options.

How are the paintings treated and how do I clean them?

All paintings are treated with varnish that protects against dust and dirt as well as UV protection. Avoid hanging art in direct sunlight.

Resin - To avoid scratching the surface, use a clean, slightly damp microfiber/soft cloth and clean the painting with small circular motions. You can also use a small amount of glass or window cleaner. Avoid using rough materials as it may cause scratches.

Alcohol Ink/Acrylic - these artworks can be wiped or dusted lightly with a cloth.

How does the warranty work?

The colors of the paintings may look different from the screen, because different monitors have different color settings. Although the reproductions are normally very good, I can't promise that there won't be minor differences.

Resin has an overall smooth, glass-like surface. Due to the long curing process, there may be small bumps or particles but nothing that affects the overall high gloss finish.

I sometimes use inspiration pictures where the paintings are cut into the picture, the measurements are sometimes not exactly with reality. You can always find exact measurements in the information about a specific board. Contact me at if you are interested in more photos.

Common questions and answers


How do I order my own painting?

You can always contact me at Instagram, or email You can read more about special ordering a painting here.

Kontakta mig

How long does a custom-ordered painting take?

It depends on how many orders I'm working on, expect 4-6 weeks + delivery time. Large paintings and paintings with epoxy resin topcoat take the longest time to make. You can read more about ordering a painting here.

How do I pay for the painting?

Secure payment is made in the shop via credit card or via Klarna. I use secure card payments via Stripe. If you want to order a painting, you can also pay with Swish.

Do you invoice with VAT?

All paintings are VAT exempt. This means that you who order paintings from me pay the same price for the painting as if you bought it excluding VAT. You who order from a company thus get the advantage of not having to pay VAT and lose nothing from this.

I have not received my order confirmation

Have you placed an order but not received an email with your order confirmation? Then the email is probably caught by your spam filter. The confirmations are sent automatically, but if you can't find it, you can email me at and I can look it up and send it to you manually.

Common questions and answers


How long is the delivery time?

Delivery time is 1-2 weeks for finished art.

When ordering, we will agree on a schedule together.

Do I have the right to cancel?

You always have a 14-day right of withdrawal according to the Distance Contracts Act, provided that the item is in the same condition as when it was sent. You are always responsible for the shipping costs and packaging when using the right of withdrawal.

How is a possible return made?

You announce that you regret it. The message should be sent to me In your message, your name, address, e-mail address, order number and which goods the return applies to must be clearly stated. You are responsible for return shipping, delivery and condition of the products upon return, the products therefore need to be sent well packaged.

Fill out the form if you have any questions. I'll get back to you soon.