Utställning Stockholm 22-30 Oktober

Exhibition Stockholm 22-30 October

Now there is only one week left until my next exhibition, this time it is Stockholm Art Salon 2022. I have created several new artworks for this exhibition and I hope you will like them as much as I do. I will be there for several days during the exhibition and look forward to meeting lots of lovely people.

Stockholm Art Salon is one of the largest exhibitionsin Stockholm! 80 collective visual artists and sculptors from all over the country exhibit 1000 objects on 1000 m2 in Laval's steam turbine hall with flowing daylight! Art associations in the public sector and companies, gallerists and art enthusiasts fill the premises during these nine days to enjoy the art. We at Stockholm Art Salon would like to highlight upcoming, promising but also established artists by allowing the audience and exhibitors to meet during these days.

Info from Stockholm Art Salon:

Opening hours:
October 22 - 30
12:00-18:00 (12:00-16:00 den 30:e)

Gustaf de Lavals Torg 8, 131 59 Necka
Jarla Sjöstad
Stockholm Sweden




Hope to see you!

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