Utställning - Affordable Art Fair 2022

Exhibition - Affordable Art Fair 2022

The 10th edition of Affordable Art Fair Stockholm and I got to exhibit there! The fair showcases 1,000s of artworks from over 50 handpicked local and international galleries. I was represented by a Spanish gallery and exhibited two of my paintings.

 Konstutställning med syster och Mila, Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2022
My sister and niece came and visited the exhibition.

Skålar för venissage på utställningen tillsammans med duktiga konstnärer.
Toasted with the talented artists Lynn Hoffman and Jenny Wall.

En av mina gallerister ifrån Spanien.
My gallerist Annie and in the background hangs a painting Jenny Lennhammar.

Mina tavlor på utställning, Power och Ambition, mixed media teknik.
My paintings "Line of life - Power" and "Line of life - Ambition"


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