M.A.D.S Art Gallery - "LIQUID ARSENAL"

M.A.D.S Art Gallery - "LIQUID ARSENAL"

I had the opportunity to exhibit my art at M.A.D.S Art Gallery, locatedin one of the most lively areas in Milan, Italy and also in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

M.A.D.S is onemodern art gallery thatis fully furnished with screens, video projectors and touch screen monitors. Touch screen monitors allow the viewer to zoom in and enhance every detail for a stunning result. It is also equipped with VR OCULUS virtual reality viewer device for hosting photos and videos in 3D. It was super fun to see my painting on these big screens and really be able to zoom in and see all the little hidden things that are hidden in the work. The color reproduction was not perfect on all screens, but still a fun experience and extra fun to hear the art curator's assessment of the work, you can read for yourself further down.


Assessment of my art tour by art curator Francesca Brunello:

"Nature is a great source of inspiration for the artistic research of Tove Berglund, a contemporary Swedish artist. Surrounded by vast expanses of landscape, where nature shows itself in all its power, she cannot help but let it flow in her works, mostly characterized by an abstract language. Realized through layers of
colour, resin and pure gold, they become precious gifts dedicated to mother earth. Delicate and intense shades of colour expand in space, in an apparent eternal movement. The strong three-dimensionality resulting from the layers of colour conveys a liquid sensation, transferring the immortality of Nature into
the material of the work. In the work 'LINE OF LIFE - EMOTIONAL' displayed at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery on the occasion of the exhibition LIQUID ARSENAL, different shades of brown convey the artist's connection to her land. Along the surface, we notice thin golden lines that embellish the painting, which
for Tove Berglund represent the lines of life. As the title mentions, in fact, this painting belongs to a larger series (Line Of Life) that aims to explore the theme of our ancestral connection with Nature. Light is also an important element in the artist's research, who adds LED strips to her paintings so that they can
illuminate it. The whole is reminiscent of a long walk along a forest path, where the freshness of the air mixes with the sound of a stream, while the sun filters through the branches of the trees. Tove Berglund's is a journey into Nature to rediscover that primordial bond that can never be broken, but is sometimes
forgotten." -Art Curator Francesca Brunello




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