Hur väljer man rätt storlek på tavlan?

How to choose the right size of the board?

I know it can be hard to find the perfect art for your home. Art that you like and that goes with the decor, art that "everyone else" doesn't have or cost a fortune. I will be happy to help you find the right painting or paintings for your interior and offer original paintings made with love in a variety of colors and sizes.
The size of the paintings is usually A and O for the impression they will add to the room. A lone small painting on a large wall will look pitiful, just as a too large painting on a smaller wall will easily take over the entire room. If you have a large wall to work with, one or two really large paintings on the wall can give a massive impression and can also make the wall, and thus also the rest of the room, feel larger. 
To right size by asking yourself these questions:
  • Do you want one or two paintings to fill as much of the wall as possible or assemble a multi-part picture wall?
  • Want the painting to hang vertically or horizontally?
  • Do you want a canvas painting or a painting on paper that is framed?

TIP: Measure the wall and the size of the painting you are considering, so you can more easily imagine how the size will be on the wall, you can also cut out kraft paper the same size as the painting and hang on the wall to test. If you want, you can send me a picture of your wall and I can give you recommendations. 

Don't forget: it's not just living rooms and bedrooms that need to be decorated. Other rooms with a more practical purpose such as the kitchen and bathroom also need love! Try placing a painting in, for example, the window of one of these rooms. By adding a little art in each room, it makes a better whole and much cozier throughout the home. 

Below you will find a size guide and some examples of how to combine different sizes of paintings. I will gladly help you, contact me then we look at alternatives for you. 



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